Club Competitions

Competition Seasons:


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  • Informal club competitions are held each month at our regular meetings. The season runs from July to May with a winner declared at the conclusion of the season.
  • Points are awarded based on popular vote with 5 points going to first place, 3 points going to second place, and all other entries receiving 1 point.
  • Additionally, 1 bonus point will be given for the most innovative or ambitious entry as decided by the competition maestro. 1 bonus point will also be given for the best beer as decided on by the club's panel of BJCP judges.
  • Some competitions are marked as Collaboration contests. Entrants must brew this beer with another member (or group) and submit together. Both members/teams will receive any points awarded.
  • Entrants must supply six 12 oz. bottles, one 64 oz. growler, or similar quantity.
  • Limit one entry per person per month.


Name Entries First Second Most InnovativeJudges' Choice Points


July - Extract Beers
Beers brewed with all extract or extract/steeping grains

August - Edelweiss
Beers brewed with wheat and/or botanicals

September - Clear IPA
No hazies!

October - German Beer
A wide open category. Lagers, weizens, Alt, Gr├Ątzer. Take your pick!

November - Speakeasy
Beers inspired by a classic cocktail

December - Belgian Beer (but not Saison)
We just did Saison last year, so this one is for all the rest.

January - Ingredient from a Hat
Brew a beer featuring a secret ingredient that you'll draw randomly

February - Reinheitsgebot Beer
Beers with malt, hops, water, yeast, but no added flavors/fermentables

March - Smoke/Wood Aged Beer
Beers either featuring smoked ingredients or that have been wood-aged. No bonus points for doing both.

April - Ingredient Draft
The results of our annual Ingredient Draft extravaganza

May - Session Beer
No strict ABV limit, but generally under 5% is about right